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pillowIf you have ever woken up in the morning with a sore, stiff neck, back or shoulders, you will understand why having the right pillow is so important.

Your pillow is one of the most fundamental ways in which you can improve your sleep. But so often, we don’t put much thought into selecting our pillows for maximum support and comfort.

 Getting the right support

Your natural sleeping position, the one you find yourself falling asleep in most nights, can help you determine what kind of support you need from your pillow.

 You sleep on your side

You will need a firm or medium firm pillow to support your neck while you sleep. Firmer support contours and cradles the head, neck and shoulders.

 You sleep on your back

You will need one or two soft pillows to support your head while you sleep.

A medium support pillow will support the natural curvature of the upper spine, providing support under the head, neck and shoulders.

You sleep on your stomach

You will need a soft, flattish pillow so you do not strain your neck while you sleep. Gentle support that doesn’t turn the head unnaturally to either side is best.

Finding the right filling and material1

Down and Feather: Gentle to medium support

Down and feather pillows are luxurious in feel. Duck feather tends to be extra soft and plump and can provide medium support and good sleep comfort. Super duck down and feather pillows have a higher percentage of down and more fill making it a firmer pillow than the feather pillow.

Fibrepuff, microfibre and Sheradown: Medium to firm support

These are good alternatives for those who are sensitive to down and feathers.

Fibrepuff pillows are soft, bouncy and resilient. Filled with tiny fibrepuff balls, these pillows conform easily to your natural body contours.

Microfibre pillows have a lighter feel that is soft yet still keeps its shape for lasting comfort. They are perfect for allergy sufferers who want a disturbance-free sleep.

Sheradown is also a great alternative for allergy sufferers and is classed as the closest synthetic filler to natural down. It also keeps it shape for longer.

Tencel: Medium support2

Eco-friendly and made from natural cellulose fibres from wood, Tencel inners offer optimum moisture transportation for a more comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

Wool: Firm support

The wool pillow is filled with the finest blend of wool fibres that are naturally hypo-allergenic. The wool fill allows a firm sleep but the fibres are still breathable for more comfort, especially in hotter climates.

Memory Foam: Firm support

The memory foam pillow moulds to your unique contours and ensures that your entire body is perfectly supported and that your spine remains straight while you sleep. The soft bamboo casing of this pillow is sustainable and hypo-allergenic, improving the life of your pillow.

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