Choosing the right bedding for your rental home.

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As the holiday season arrives and you begin to prepare your rental for the busy December period it’s likely that you are wondering how to refresh your property and make it feel welcoming for guests. But where do you start?

Choosing the right bedding for your rental is key. Starting from the ground up, a comfortable mattress goes a long way to ensure your guest have a restful and relaxing holiday. Shop the @home Premiere Pocket mattress, perfect for sensitive sleeping patterns combining comfort with elegance.

Good pillows and inners are an important investment for your holiday rental. You can’t predict what kind of pillows your guest will prefer, so go ahead and make up your rental beds with a variety of pillows, likely to please most people. Choose an inner that can be used year-round, is breathable, comfortable and durable. Shop @home’s wide range of different pillows and inners and create comfort for your guests.

Tip: Pillow and mattress protectors are a must, but try to avoid the ‘sweaty’ waterproof style as they will be uncomfortable for your guests

Linen and sheets should be cotton, preferably in crisp neutral colours such as white. If your bed linen is all the same colour you don’t need to replace a whole set or wash them separately, saving you time and money. You should ideally have three sets of linen so whilst one is in use, one is being laundered and the other is ready for the next changeover. This also means you have a few spares on hand if something needs replacing last minute. Shop @home’s wide range of bed linen for all your rental needs.

Tip: A washable throw on the bed can dress a room nicely and add a splash of colour if you have gone for white linen.

Giving your guest a good night’s sleep, by taking care when choosing the correct bedding will be sure to keep them coming back each holiday.

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