Ways to style your headboard

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When curating your sleep space, the most important consideration is often focused around the bed. Headboards are an important design feature, and recently thanks to trendy designers’ headboards have become a vital statement piece that doesn’t just belong in your gran’s bedroom. Here are our three tips to consider when choosing a headboard.

Choose Your Finishing Material: First, decide what type of finish you’d like your headboard to be. Whether you choose upholstered leather, velvet, fabric, wood or metal, you should be sure to research the maintenance requirement that comes along with your choice.

Style Selection: Headboards are normally a larger investment, so look for a design that you not only like but know will stand the test of time against ever-changing trends. Factors that you should note include: Shape: Make sure this is proportional to your space not only in size but stylistically too. Size: Large headboards create a bold and eye-catching statement. Colour: Pick a contrasting colour to your space for vibrant energy. Fabric: Upholstered headboards have great versatility and allow creativity with detailing such as buttons, patterns, and decorative nails.

Practical Considerations When choosing a headboard, it is important that it is not only comfortable but also practical, resilient and long lasting stylistically. Remember that the simpler the design the greater possibilities of creating different themes. And lastly, see it as an investment piece and choose a good quality headboard, you don’t want to be replacing it every few years.

Choosing the perfect headboard can be a challenging task. If you already love the style of your room, pick a headboard that will seamlessly match what you already have. But if you are doing a complete bedroom overhaul, choose a headboard that is eye-catching and bold. Use the headboard as the centre-point for your style theme throughout your bedroom. Shop our beautiful range of headboards and show us your bedroom transformations!

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