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How can you make a difference in your home? By simply choosing natural home cleaners that are gentle and protect you and your fabrics.

The benefits of using natural cleaning products

  • Safer for the environment, when harmful chemicals in regular cleaning products are disposed into water – they pollute the water and affect the water species. Natural cleaners are manufactured in such a way that they don’t affect the environment. They help reduce pollution in the water and the air, minimizes your impact on ozone depletion and are biodegradable in nature.
  • Healthier home, by using natural cleaning products there will no longer be chemicals breathed in by the person cleaning and overall improves the air quality in your home.
  • Safer for you and your family, when choosing a detergent for you and your family, several things are important to keep in mind. Your skin is senstive and can be affected by the harsh chemicals found in your every day cleaning products. Natural cleaning products have been proven to be less harmful on your skin , making it safer for you and your family.
  • Keeps fabrics bright and clean, it keeps colours vivid, makes white clothes whiter and colored clothes even brighter. Ultimately helps to make fabrics more flexible, increase their life span and maintain their condition.

The Refined Wash House range is made up of highly effective laundry and fabric care products with a designer feel, making laundry beautiful and doing good for the planet with light nostalgic fragrances like the cool cotton delicate laundry wash, perfect for keeping your clothes clean and fresh.

*Star products are: Delicate Wash Cool Cotton and Delicate Spray Cool Cotton.

Plantes & Parfums Provence is an authentic range of natural home fragrances, soaps, oils and home care detergents made 100% in France, the traditional way. Using natural raw materials and eco-friendly methods it is gentle on the skin and your fabrics.

*Star products are: Traditional All Purpose Cleaner, Traditional Fabric Softener, Traditional Liquid Detergent, Traditional Linen Water and Laundress Soap Stain Remover.

To store all these wonderful products our naturally woven baskets made from sustainable, biodegradable natural fibres, are the perfect storage solution to keeping your home organized and clean.

These natural cleaning products have gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of you, your family, your fabrics, your home and the environment. So lets put as much care into looking after our fabrics as the care that went into making them.

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