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Cooking a meal together can seem like a really good idea until you realise that the pot on the stove isn’t the only thing about to boil over.

While you work well with recipes and a neat, organised kitchen, your partner may be a bit more creative in their approach to getting dinner done. The first step to cooking better together is knowing, and understanding, each other’s cooking personalities.

Which one are you? Complete this quick quiz to find out

1.My signature recipes are

a) Fresh, healthy and preferably organic

b) Something thrown together while we chat

c) Cooked or baked to perfection

d) Something new each time

e) Complex, innovative and beautifully presented

2. In my free time I like to

a) Get outdoors for a hike, run or cycle

b) Visit with friends and family

c) Organise the house

d) Try something new

e) Watch the food channel on TV

3. Some of my favourite foods are

a) Vegetables

b) Something to share

c) Well made, well balanced and classic combinations

d) Something new or exotic

e) The latest, hottest new food trend

4. When I cook a meal I typically

a) Use the vegetables and herbs from my own garden

b) Enjoy with a good glass of wine

c) Follow a recipe step-by-step

d) Like to experiment with tastes and ingredients

e) Go all out to impress my guests

5. Other people describe me as

a) Health conscious

b) Really friendly

c) Diligent and methodical

d) Creative

e) Competitive

You answered mostly A’s


You like to cook fresh, healthy meals and organic is especially important to you. Your kitchen is clean and includes a bountiful fresh herb collection. Your go-to kitchen items are your fruit bowls, herb keepers and your high powered juicer, smoothie maker or Nutribullet.

You answered mostly B’s


You are in the kitchen for the fun of it. You may do less cooking and more chatting and drinking than you realise. If you are pairing with a social cook, give them small jobs to complete and just enjoy their company while you cook the way you want. Your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a good set of wine glasses.

You answered mostly C’s


You love a well-written recipe and your favourite kitchen tools are your precision kitchen scale, measurement conversion chart and your timer. You work well in a well-organised kitchen with all the right tools on hand.

You answered mostly D’s


When it comes to cooking, you like to experiment with different ingredients, cooking methods and cuisines. You like to browse through recipes for ideas and add your own flair to them. Your favourite kitchen necessities are your spice rack, variety of pots and pans and a good food processor.

You answered mostly E’s


You are very competitive and love cooking the most impressive dishes possible.

Presentation is just as important as taste. You love your speciality appliances like your KitchenAid stand mixer and your top of the range speciality knives.

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