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It’s that time of the year again! It’s about finding a time that suits the whole family, buying gifts, planning your menu – and dieting takes a back seat for most of us until January.

The Christmas meal in South Africa is a big deal, but it can be tiring to find a time, place and menu that suits everyone. To help you decide, we compare Christmas lunch to dinner to help you figure out which one will work best for you.


If family and friends are driving through on the day and still need to get back home after the celebrations, then lunch is probably a better idea. This gives everyone enough time to enjoy together, open gifts and even have a nap afterwards before driving back.

The menu

Lunch is a nice opportunity to take a break from the traditional Christmas meals usually served and to go for something a bit lighter. Try a variety of salads, snacks and a nice fruit spread with ice cream for dessert. Pair this with a few bottles of white wine, some fresh fruit juice and infused water served in a beautiful glass dispenser. Spoil your guests with a glass of bubbly when they arrive and keep the bottles cold in the Sohana gold punch bowl.

The venue

Because we’re spoiled with amazing summer weather in South Africa, it’s lovely to enjoy lunch outside for a relaxed atmosphere and so there’s plenty of space for everyone. Because you’ll have nature as part of your décor, you also won’t have to worry too much about decorations. Dress up your garden with a few Christmas decorations in the trees, some festive serveware and maybe even some gifts under a real tree in the garden. Platters and serving boards are also perfect for home entertaining and family feasts.


With dinner, you’ll probably want your guests to stay over so they don’t have to drive home afterwards. This is a bit more work as you’ll have to make sure the guests rooms are ready, but that’s also easy with these 8 easy ways to wow your guests. An extra tip: make sure you have some fresh croissants, rusks and good coffee in your home for the next morning J

The menu

If you’re having a Christmas dinner, you’ll probably want to go the more traditional route when it comes to the food. However, we always tend to make three times the amount of food necessary, so this year stick to a delicious starter, main, two sides and dessert. This way, you can really put some effort into those dishes, and it makes it easier to split the work between everyone as you can ask each guests to take care of one dish/ course.

If you don’t feel like creating your own menu, we have some perfect Christmas recipes for you to try on our blog, including peri-peri roasted chicken with roasted garlic and summer tomatoes, slow roasted bobotie spiced lamb with sweet potato and grape chutney, a Gorgonzola peach and butternut tart and many more. 

The venue

Let wonder and joy be at the centre of your home this holiday season with these five quick ways to spread the magic. For a dinner you’ll probably be hosting it indoors, but if you have a big enough garden, you can still go for the outdoor candlelit dinner. Also remember that we’re never to old for a Christmas tree – shop some tree decorations online and make sure your home is festive this season.

This year, try doing something different to the previous years. If you usually opt for a traditional Christmas dinner, spoil your family with a fresh lunch spread this year. Or if you usually go for a lunch, push your cooking limits and try a traditional Christmas dinner. Let us know if you have any other tips and ideas.

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