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_BWP8758We all know that getting enough good rest is essential to our wellbeing. The quality of this rest is as important as the amount we get. So while we can’t always control how much sleep we are able to fit in, we can control how restful our environment is.

The positive effects of better lighting

Lighting has a big impact on our being, from affecting our mood, productivity and concentration to regulating our sleep cycles.

Natural light coming through your windows makes a difference to how we feel. Use the natural light outside to @home23021513605create a calming and peaceful mood in your bedroom. Choose sheer textures like these taped voile curtains for those bright sunny days or open up your beautiful block out curtains on a cool, cloudless winter morning to enjoy a bit of sunlight while you breakfast in bed.

Add warm lighting to your bedroom for those darker winter days and nights to improve our mood and lift our emotions. It will also make your space feel more cosy and comfortable. A simple floor lamp like this adds a fresh, light look. Choose a utility lamp like this one in copper and grey marble and keep it next to your bed for long nights curled up with the book you just can’t put down.

@home Jan 2015_8942_Day6Healthy tip: Use warmer light bulbs to build a more comfortable reading environment. Light can stimulate your brain but colder lights tend to make us feel quite jittery whereas warm lighting is more appropriate for a calm, creative space.

Exposure to bright light in the late evenings and into the night can also disrupt our natural sleep rhythm. Keep your lights low in your bedroom to prepare your body for sleep. A couple of lamps next to your bed are better than using the overhead light at this time.

4 Fragrances to help you sleep better

_BWP5607Choose a room fragrance that is conducive to relaxation and improved mood and you will find you start to sleep much better.


Lavender has long been known as a calming fragrance. It has been said to have a soothing and sedative effect, perfect for falling asleep. Max Benjamin has a beautiful Lime Flower and Lavender fragrance diffuser.


Vanilla is a beautifully rounded and warm fragrance. Perhaps it is the association with fresh baking but many people find vanilla reduces feelings of stress. Give your space a warm pick-me-up with this vanilla fragrance diffuser.


The jasmine flower’s sweet scent is said to enhance overall sleep quality, some people will say its effects are even better than those of lavender. Choose this subtle orange and jasmine diffuser fragrance.


A type of orange tree from Italy, Bergamot essential oil can help relieve anxiety. Keep this Millefiori Sandalo Bergamotto scent in your room to help calm your senses after a long day.

Pure air for easy breathing

Your sleep can be disrupted by tiny particles of dust and bacteria in your room, leaving you feeling tired and stuffy in the morning. Clean the air in your sleep space for a pure, clean sleep experience. For this, the Dyson Pure Cool fan is essential.

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