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Beautiful floral arrangements add a touch of understated elegance to your space. Now you can have them all year round by making your own bouquet that will look as fresh as the day you put it together. 

3 step everlasting vintage floral bouquet.
  • Go faux

Don’t be afraid to choose artificial flowers for your arrangement. Modern faux flowers are made from superior materials compared to previous versions and are available in on-trend styles and colours. Faux flowers also require very little care apart from an occasional light dusting, making them a convenient choice for busy people and lock up and go homes. 

  • Select your stems

For a whimsical vintage feel, select stems with natural, subdued tones. Think dusty pinks, creams and earthy browns. It is also important to include a variety of textures in the bunch to create variation in height, create movement and offer a relaxed ‘unarranged’ appearance.


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  • Arrange

The vase you place the stems in will complete the vintage feel of the arrangement. Cut glass vases give an elegant antique feel while a tapered shape lends a retro flair. Colour glass or solid metallics also work beautifully with a vintage arrangement. When it comes to giving the faux stems a natural feel, play with height. Don’t be afraid to cut the stems to suit the look you want just as you would with real stems. You want a loose arrangement with movement so play around with height and length when placing them in the vase. 

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  • Give your arrangement an alive and natural look by adding water to the vase
  • Not sure where to start? Take a shortcut with a premade bouquet and add in additional stems to create the look you want. 

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