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It was something that was coming soon, and for some it seemed not soon enough. The rise of the work from home or remote working trend had been continuing for some time. And then work from home became the reality for most people, literally overnight. Now that the (Covid-19) dust has settled a bit and we are settling into our new work reality, we are looking to make that home workspace a bit more permanent, and a bit more workable within our unique home environments.

Small space solutions

Have a small space or a limited amount of space? No problem. Turn an area of your living room, guest bedroom or even your hallway into a small, tasteful office space using simple office storage and office furniture that fits right into your home aesthetic. It will look like it has always belonged!

The multifunctional space

Make the most of the space that you have by creating a multifunctional area. Modular wall shelving and desk shelves are great ways to get maximum use out of the space that you have. Use the shelves to show off your favourite décor and a few pretty storage baskets to keep your office stationery neat.

The open plan living office

If you have an open plan home or large open plan room that you want to use as your combined living space and home office, choose office furniture that is both unobtrusive and beautiful. For example, a tempered glass desk keeps the flow of your space open and unobstructed when not in use, but is also a stunning addition to your décor and overall aesthetic.

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