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With warmer weather on our doorstep, the outdoor indoor living trend has more appeal than ever. So as we prepare for summer, draw on the great outdoors to re-energise your indoor space and boost your inner well-being.

Here are five easy ways to welcome the outside in, this season:

  1. Think natural

Incorporate natural materials and organic textures to your home. A quick way to change the feel of a room is to add a few new scatter cushions. We particularly love the new Printed Stripe cushion in natural and the Handwoven Natural cushion as a perfect pair.

Add texture to your space with large loose carpets, such as the natural Arken carpet or the woven Hemp carpet. For smaller changes that will also lighten the room, replace your lamp shade in the lounge with a natural linen one, or add a stone linen runner to your dining room table.

2. Green is gold

Statement plants and greenery in large clear vases are still on trend. Use woven natural baskets for larger indoor plants or shop our selection of smaller botanicals such as the Potted Cacti, for your coffee table or book shelf.

3. Make room for yourself

Create a meditation or quiet space for yourself in your home. A place where you can pause and be with your thoughts. Make sure it is private, comfortable and that you are surrounded by beautiful things – be it a view through the window, or your favourite art piece.

Use this beautiful Ngwema weave basket as both a feature and storage solution for the books, aromatherapy oil burner or candles that you might frequently use in this room.

4. Light the way

One of the most appealing things about the outdoors, is the natural light that cannot help but soothe your soul. Invite this light and sense of spaciousness into your home with open doors, sheer curtains and the strategic placement of large mirrors.

5. Kitchen comfort

The kitchen is the heart of a home. The place where the earth’s goodness is prepared and perfected into wholesome meals for your loved ones. Make your kitchen feel light and in tune with mother nature by displaying your favourite white servers or glassware, alongside your home grown herbs. Opt for natural kitchen linen and light coloured kitchen appliances for a fresh and clean look.

So, don’t hold back! Allow nature and all its beauty to inspire you this season as you revive your indoor living spaces for maximum enjoyment. We’d love to see how you’ve integrated these ideas into your home – why not share a pic of your indoor outdoor space with us?

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