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Creating a sense of cosiness in your home is so much more than raising the temperature. As the seasons change and the air cools, consider touching all the senses to bring warmth to your home. 


Changing your home scents for the season is a great way to set a subtle shift in pace. Crisp mornings and chilly nights are complemented by spicy notes and woody tones to warm the room with their headiness. 

Incorporating warming scents into your space has never been easier. With so many options that are also beautifully presented, you can choose a method that suits your aesthetic from scented candles, diffusers, oil burners and linen sprays to the popular electric diffuser. Explore home fragrance here

Consider these scents for winter: 

Oudh –  a sweet, woody scent with smokey overtones

Rose – a warm, deeply floral, slightly spicy, rich honey-like scent.

Cinnamon – a woody, musky and earthy aroma

Orange – a fresh top note that blends well with warm scents like cedarwood, juniper, clove, frankincense, lavender, and sandalwood. 


Think heavy fabrics with lush piles and a subtle sheen to bring depth and opulence to a cosy space. Cocoon your world with plush throws and rich textures for a feeling of warmth on even the coldest of nights. Bring a warm earthiness with natural materials like woven grass baskets and dried floral arrangements. 

Consider these simple swaps for warm accents in your home

  • Plush fabrics like velvet, faux fur and damask
  • Dried flowers and woven grass accessories
  • Textured carpets layered under couches and chairs to bring added warmth
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Shade and tone play a big part in the feeling of warmth. Warm tones include rich rusty reds, burnt oranges, natural nudes and luxe golden notes. 

Change the feel of your relaxation spaces by swapping out your scatter cushion covers, rugs and decor with wintery colours and warming tones. 

Consider these on-trend wintery shades: 

  • Rust
  • Ochre
  • Gold
  • Natural 

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