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Gathering with loved ones is a restorative experience. It may be your partner, close friends or the whole family, either way and whoever it is, creating intentional spaces that promote closeness and connection are a wonderful idea for your home. 

Couch cuddles

The human touch is an essential part of life. Studies show that touch signals safety and trust. It soothes and calms us, it’s science! Research shows that touch activates the body’s vagus nerve, which is closely linked with our compassionate response, which means a simple touch can trigger the release of oxytocin, aka “the love hormone”.

Make sure your home is set up for everyday touch and connection. The couch is one of the best ways to do it. A comfy couch is irresistible to adults, children and pets and makes the perfect relaxed gathering space. It’s great for cuddles, a foot massage and generally enjoying each other’s presence.

Couch tips: 

  • If you’re looking for an inviting couch for the whole family, consider the depth of the seat. For two people to lie next to each other on a couch, look for a wide seat with plenty of space between the edge and the backrest. 
  • Corner units and L-Shaped couches are perfect for relaxing as a family as there’s plenty of space for everyone. If your room is a bit small for a corner unit, try creating one that fits your needs with a flexible modular couch. 

Join the table

Enjoying a meal with another person is an age-old way to feel a genuine and authentic connection. Make sure your space is inviting for sitting down to eat together. The correct size and shape of a table and the comfort of seating can make a world of difference. 

Table tips: 

  • Round dinner tables are a great option for seating 4-6 people in an intimate setting where everyone is included. The fact that every seat is facing in means that no one can get stuck in conversation at the end of the table. 
  • Encourage family meals by investing in comfortable seating. Little ones find it difficult to sit when seats are too low or uncomfortable. Padded seats and chairs with backs over a bench are a good way to encourage shifty adults to linger longer at the table. 
  • Seating in or near the kitchen is a great way to encourage connection during meal prep. Think bar stools at the kitchen island or even a small, comfy couch if your space is large enough.

Everyone outdoors

If your get together is with a large group, curating a welcoming outdoor set-up is a sure way to foster meaningful moments. 

Outdoor tips: 

  • Encourage outdoor connection time even in cooler weather by setting up a basket of cosy blankets. It’s a no brainer to snuggle up at sunset and enjoy magical moments around a fire pit when you can cover up with a warm throw. 

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