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The times are uncertain.  Everything we know has changed and while we stay home in our safe haven, there is still the worry, fear and uncertainty lingering in the background. Creating a calm, me-space in your home can do wonders for your overall wellbeing at this time. And once you feel more centred and calm, you can start to tackle problems with equanimity.

Here are some really easy fixes to create a softer, more comforting space at home in which you can feel safe and loved.

Smells like Home

There is nothing quite like a beautiful scent to make your home feel homlier. Choose warm fragrance notes like vanilla, amber and oudh. Or tap into the relaxing properties of lavender and

The Power of Green

A green home is a happy home. Bringing a feeling of outdoors inside can do wonders for your mood. Even beautiful faux plants and stems can create that same feeling of wellbeing if you are not that good with plants.

Comforting Colours

There is no doubt the effect colour can have on how you feel. Working in a bit of colour in to your favourite room or spot in the house is an easy fix. This coming season the colours are wonderfully comforting warm hues such as walnut and ochre.

Layers of Comfort

Never before has everyone in the family spent so much time together in one place. But that can mean not having enough of your own space. Create a mini haven for yourself on the couch, your favourite chair or in a cosy reading nook with layers of snuggly throws and blankets.

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