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Adding depth and dimension, picture walls are impactful in both large and small homes. They’re a personal statement, reflective of your taste, travels and history. A picture wall is a sophisticated solution to surround yourself with representations of the things that make you happiest, creating a cherished space that is just yours.

So how do you create a picture wall?

1. The first step is to select the items you’d like to display – a curation of mixed media including photographs, prints and art.

2. Next, measure the wall area you’d like to adorn.

3. Using masking tape, measure off the same dimensions on your floor.

4. Lay your picture frames out in this space – and when you’ve settled on a layout you like, take a photo for reference later.

5. Create paper templates of your picture frames and affix with masking tape to the wall, using your layout photo as reference.

6. Using a spirit level, check that the paper templates are correctly angled before marking nail placement.

7. Hang picture frames.

Et voila! You have successfully installed your picture wall. Sit back and delight in your custom wall art, your own hanging treasure trove.

Kate Sofa Bed (R5 999), Framed Aloe (R1 499) and assorted wooden frames (from R89).

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