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The festive season is over, work has started, and the kids are already back at school. We want you to detox and declutter your life so that 2019 can be the start of living a simplified, uncluttered life, with more time and energy for the important moments in life. Clutter causes chaos and unnecessary stress at home, which is why we have created a plan that you can execute and achieve in only a day! We are going to take the simplest approach of “divide and conquer.”

Here are the steps to take, to decluttering your home in a day:

Choose Your Work Zones: designate work zones and decide in which order to tackle them, creating schedule for the day.

The Four-Basket Method: create four baskets using any of the beautifully versatile @Home storage baskets– trash, give away, keep, or relocate and place the baskets in the first zone.

Clear Out The Trash: the most important step to starting your detox and declutter journey is getting rid of and recycling everything that belong in the trash.

Collect Out-of-Place Items: by placing them in the relocate basket, once complete place these items in the zone that they belong in.

Decide What You Do and Don’t Need: place these items in their respective baskets, by asking yourself these questions:

  • Have you used this item in the past year?
  • If not, will you use it ever?
  • Does it possess some sort of sentimental value?

Start Putting Things Where They Belong: find a permanent home for everything that is left in the keep basket, making sure you put things where they are easy to use and remember.

Remember when you clear out and organise one zone at a time your progress will be noticeable, because it is concentrated in one area, giving you the motivation and energy to keep tackling the rest of your home. Don’t forget to show us how you reused your basket in your home.

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