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A new year means a fresh start and an opportunity to clean up and clear out in 2018. It can be hard to let go of things that are sentimental or mean something to you but often there are things in your house that are just cluttering up the countertops and can be thrown out.

That being said, just because it doesn’t belong where it is, doesn’t mean it needs to go in the bin. Here are four ways to remove clutter from your house and refresh this season.

Give each thing a home

Once you give each thing a place or space in your home, you’ll find it easier to make sure that things that don’t fit, don’t stick around. You’ll also find that you’ll make sure that the things that have a home
find their way there quickly. For example, have a designated “inbox” or place to put the mail once opened. This can also apply to receipts (only those you need), school papers, warranties, manuals, etc. Just don’t let it get piled up full of things that could be recycled. Once a month, make time to file the appropriate papers away and recycle the rest! If you have a partner or kids, teach them to put things back where they are meant to go as soon as they are done. Easier said than done, but conditioning is key!

Clear out one section at a time

Decluttering is a process, it won’t happen overnight. Pick one section every day to tackle and make sure you complete the job. Even if it means you just clear one countertop or shelf every day, you will soon see the difference. If you find yourself starting to wonder what to do with all the extras, try the four-box method. Find four boxes or bags and label them with “Relocate/ Recycle”,” Trash”,”Give away” & “Keep”. Once you get going, make sure that you put each item in one of the four boxes. Consider each item carefully and make sure that you don’t just keep everything for the sake of it. Once you have a full bag or box, send it off to your local charity, recycle it or just find a better home for it in your house.

Change your perspective

Isn’t it always when you’re about to have guests that you realise that your house is a mess? Take time to consider your house in a new light. Take photos of the rooms and study what people see when they visit. You may not realise that the pile of keys or little knick-knacks has grown so much until you see it in a photograph.  Once you’ve identified the problem areas, make lists of places in your house that you need to tackle. This will make it easier for you to tick them off and feel like you’re accomplishing something.

Imagine more for your home

Once you start to identify the problem areas, imagine what you could do with all the extra space or how you could change the décor to suit your fresh new look. Make a wish list of things you would like to change and buy for your home. Maybe it’s time to sell some of your old furniture and replace it with something new and more modern.

However you decide to declutter and clean up this year, make it something you stick to and don’t allow the clutter to creep back in. That way when you next have guests, it’s not a mad run-around to ensure that the surfaces are clean and everything is packed away. Make your home a space you’re proud to show to family and friends.

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