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Decorating like a minimalist means restraining your furniture and décor to only the essentials, but also making sure that space, objects and light play equally important roles. With that said, it definitely doesn’t need to be boring.

Here are some tips for those planning to experiment with this trend in 2018:


First things first, you’ll have to let go of clutter if you want to be a minimalist. If you struggle to throw things away, find alternative ways to store objects so they can’t be seen. If you’re willing to get rid of some stuff, try to only stick to the essentials and give/ throw away the rest. Keep flat surfaces clear, so only have one or two decorations and not stacks of books and papers.

Quality over quantity

This saying is especially true when it comes to achieving a minimalist style. Choose a few really beautiful pieces that can be used often instead of having lots of unnecessary stuff. Start by adding all the crucial elements to a room, and then allow yourself to handpick three or four of your favourite pieces/ objects.

Rethink ordinary objects

Never underestimate the power of simple things. Use ordinary objects, such as light bulbs, books or cushions in creative ways to craft an interesting, but simple look.

Restrain colour palettes

Light hues usually work better when you’re trying to create an open, light space, but if you want to bring in bright colours, we’d suggest sticking to just one or two. Start with a main colour such as white, grey or beige, and then add two or three colour objects to add some personality to the


As mentioned above, it’s important to have a balance between space, objects and light with a minimalist design. Use light, neutral colour curtains rather than dark and heavy drapes. If it’s a room where you don’t need privacy, leave the windows uncovered. Plus, natural light is really good for your health.

With our days being busier than ever, minimalism offers you a sense of relaxation (exactly what you want from your home), it’s functional, interesting and visually impressive. So, don’t wait any longer, join the trend and start 2018 the right way.

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