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Investing in a new duvet inner is a big purchase. It is something you will use every night for years to come, which can make the buying process feel like a big deal. If you’re not sure which duvet inner is best for you, go through our guide to find out a bit more about the different types of duvets and their benefits. 

Natural fill vs synthetic fill 

Natural vs synthetic is a personal choice that comes down to preference, use and price. Natural duvet inners are usually more expensive while synthetics are more affordable and are preferred by allergy sufferers.

Down and Feather Duvets

Down is a feather filling gathered from the soft undercoat of geese and ducks. It is an amazing natural insulator and offers temperature regulation for the perfect warmth. 

Down and feather duvets are a classic choice that offer quality comfort. These duvets are an investment that will last for years with proper care. Feather fills are lightweight, luxurious and provide warmth through all seasons. 

The down difference: 

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Goose Down duvets:

  • Great natural insulator
  • Down clusters are big which fill more space
  • Extremely lightweight feel due to lower volume of feathers 
  • Great for summer and winter
  • Durable and long-lasting

Duck Down duvets: 

  • Duck down clusters are slightly smaller than goose down requiring more fill. 
  • Lightweight but a bit heavier than goose down
  • Offers good insulation making it great for winter

Some duvets include a mix of feathers and down while some are pure down filled. Feathers offer weight while down is lightweight, a blend of the two offering the perfect balance of weight and warmth. The inclusion of feathers often makes an inner more affordable while pure down is a premium option.

Granny Goose is the leader in down duvet inners that offer high-quality bedding. Their down is also encased in tightly woven cotton casings to prevent dust and dust mites that could trigger allergies. Find out more with the Granny Goose duvet buying guide and shop Granny Goose online.

Tencel Duvets 

Crafted for comfort, this natural fibre inner is soft, hygienic and warm. Tencel fibre is an eco-friendly choice extracted from 100% beech wood pulp, making it a great choice for those who prefer a natural fill but don’t want to buy animal products. 

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Microfibre is a completely allergy-free man-made fibre. It is an affordable option that ranges from basic to premium options. 

The @home Fibre Puff Microfibre inner has a 200 thread count polycotton casing that provides a smooth, soft and breathable finish. This duvet offers medium warmth with a wonderfully light feel making it perfect for use all year round.

The Granny Goose Luxury Down Alternative is made using Foss Flakes, a premium synthetic fibre inspired by snowflakes with multiple air-pockets that trap air to keep you warm.

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Summer season duvet inners

Summer season duvet inners contain less fill, both natural or synthetic, to offer a lightweight, less warm duvet option for warmer months. 

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All Season duvet inners

All-season duvet covers usually have two parts so that you can customise the inner to suit your needs. Two parts clip together for maximum warmth in winter or can be unclipped and used separately in warmer months. 

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