Easy Easter traditions to try this year

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Easter is a time for family get-togethers and having quality time with your kids. Not sure how to make Easter extra special for your family this year? Why not try one of these fun and easy Easter traditions and will give your family a new way to celebrate one of the oldest holidays in the world.

Not only will your family love these activities now, but like any good tradition, your kids can one day enjoy them with their kids too.

Bake Easter treats

Nothing quite beats the delicious scent of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves when you’re making hot cross buns in the kitchen. Why not involve the whole family and start a tradition of making it together?

In case you don’t have a tried and tested family recipe, we’ve put together our two favourite recipes, one traditional and one slightly more modern for our gluten-free fans.

A family Easter egg hunt

Children simply love Easter egg hunts. Add even more excitement to this favourite tradition by making it a whole family event – yes, even granny and grandad can get involved! Have fun decorating the area you are going to use with ribbons and balloons, and have an official ‘ready, set, go!’ moment to kick-start the hunt. If your garden or outside area is too small, opt for a neighbour’s garden or park nearby.

Tip: Keep an eye on the weather forecast, and make sure you have more than enough eggs to go around – especially if toddlers are involved.

Enjoy a big Easter brunch

Whether you choose to keep it ‘family only’, or invite a group of friends, enjoying a scrumptious brunch together is a classic Easter tradition for many.

Keep it simple with family favourites, or dare to try that new recipe you’ve been eyeing. Set the table outside if you know the weather will hold, and throw a blanket and scatter cushions on the grass to encourage lazy lounging after the meal.

If children are involved, incorporate the Easter egg hunt in between two c

ourses, or as ‘dessert’ after the meal.

Dying eggs

With minimal planning you can dye and decorate eggs that will instantly add Easter cheer to your home. In fact, you most probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already. All you’ll need is vinegar, hot water, food colouring, a variety of eggs and a little bit of time.

Tip: Watch one of the many ‘how to’ clips online for exact amounts and instructions.  We love Martha Stewart’s ‘Egg dying 101’ clip.

Make Easter arts and crafts

Allow the age and ability of your children to guide you on this one. Making Easter crafts can be as simple as drawing or painting a rabbit on a piece of cardboard, or as complicated as making rabbit face masks and making an Easter tree. The sky (or in this case, your imagination) is the limit – as long as having fun and making memories is at the centre, you can’t go wrong.

Tip: Need some direction? Have a look on Pinterest before you visit the art shop.

We hope these simple traditions have sparked some ideas in your mind and that you will find one or two that are perfect for your family. Remember to tag us with pictures of your Easter family traditions.

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