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Soft, comfortable and easy to clean, just the way we think carpets should be.

Our range of soft washable carpets are extremely resistant to dirty shoes, spilling children, clumsy uncles and the mud feet of your four-legged friend.

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Because no jute, glue or other natural ingredients are used, the carpets are machine washable up to 40 ° C and can even be put in the dryer. Repeated tests prove that frequent washing and drying does not lead to discoloration or deformation. Even after fifty washes, the carpets still look like new. No more stress about possible stains on your beautiful carpet!

Our washable carpets are made from 100% 1 type of material: from yarn to the backing; everything is made from one and the same plastic, either polypropylene or polyester. Compared to standard tufted carpets, these do not have a latex backing, but one in soft felt, also made of polypropylene or polyester. Due to this soft backing, your carpets can be placed on any type of floor without any worries.

Since these carpets consist of only 1 material, they are completely and easily recyclable. They can be ground whole into polyester or polypropylene granules, which can then be reused to make new products.

Another advantage of our washable carpets is that they do not fray. You can therefore easily cut the carpets to your desired dimensions if needed.

How to care for your washable carpets

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Machine wash at40 ° C Max
  • Tumble dry on low or hang-dry
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