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We have really been missing our favourite restaurants and can’t wait until we can visit them again. In the meantime, with so many great chefs sharing their best recipes and cooking techniques, there is nothing to stop us from recreating some of our best restaurant experiences in the comfort of our homes.

The Setting

The moment you walk into a restaurant you are transformed. Setting and atmosphere is everything. By creating a special look for your table or dining area for your “night out in” you are making this an occasion.

Beautiful glassware, carefully selected crockery, your best cutlery, napkins and candles lit and ready to welcome you, all of these touches make this a meal to remember.

The Menu

This is your chance to test those new cooking skills you have been perfecting over the last few weeks. Choose a menu from a few of your favourite recipe books or cooking blogs. Think what you would love to order if you were given the choice of anything.

If you are missing a particular style of cuisine, create a menu inspired by those flavours.

Try this sweet and sour chicken recipe by Chef Juan Neethling for an Asian inspired dinner

or Reuben Riffel’s Spicy Miso Salmon.

with these Thai mussels as a starter

If you feel like a Mexican style meal that can be enjoyed outside, Chef Juan Neethling has a great menu for you:

Spicy grilled corn

Garlic and parsley flatbread

Roasted chicken tacos with guacamole

Churros with chocolate sauce for desert

The Whole Experience

Dining out is more than just the food. It is the company you are with, the view, the atmosphere and the little things that make it an experience. Make this night in special with some little extras. Invite your best friends to join you virtually and compare your dishes, or arrange a romantic date night and ask your kids to help out by being the waiters. Put on your go-to playlist, give your family a chance to “meet the chef”, serve a special dessert or coffee, “on the house”.

Eating in as if we were out may be something new to us, but it could fast become the new next best thing.

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