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1You love to entertain but the thought of hosting another fancy dinner party has lost its appeal. You want to be able to invite as many people as you like and to keep things simple with an emphasis on enjoyment for all.

The latest trend in entertaining is to keep it casual and we have a few suggestions on how to create the perfect casual dining experience with no fuss.

Choose your location

The great thing about a more relaxed approach to entertaining is that it can be done anywhere, inside, outside, at home, in the park. If you are planning a casual lunch or dinner with friends, you should have an idea of your setting.

2Considerations include the weather, the size of the space, the number of guests and time of day.

Think about your menu

You will find factors like temperature and season guide your menu. Plan what you want to serve around loose themes like colour, season or ingredients. You may plan a spring menu with the freshest produce available or a bright summer menu with lots of greens and bright vegetables to make your setting pop.

Lay out your table, or blanket

18022820As the whether gets brighter, open up your doors and lay your table where there is plenty of light. Another perfect way to celebrate the new
season is to lay out a large blanket on the grass and create a relaxed, picnic-style experience.

A casual, light and fresh menu is best complemented with natural and organic-inspired crockery such as the Azara dinnerware range with its casual patterns.

Tinted glassware brings colour to your setting. Buy these smokey grey whiskey glasses.

Platters and boards are perfect for serving a fresh, seasonal menu that is full of variety. This mendi embossed fish 18017290plate is something a bit different for your table spread.

Add the things that make it more special

Keeping it casual doesn’t mean you can’t create something special. Bring in a few extra little touches that are bound to add character to your gathering. Marble napkin rings add a touch of opulence to an otherwise laid back setting while a few well-placed placemats will really stand out in the casual setting. Chilewich create beautiful and unusual textiles for the table such as this Dahlia placemat. Bring in a celebratory air to any occasion with a few flutes like these simple blush pink champagne glasses or a selection of beautiful Calypso crystal glassware for contrast.

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