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2Having tilers and plumbers come in to revamp your bathroom can be a costly expense, but with a few essential tips you can transform the space into a world-class hotel-like bathroom.

We guarantee you’ll be all set to start your morning on the right foot, with a cool hot shower to wake up followed by the irresistibly soft embrace of a bamboo towel. Then look forward to running yourself a luxurious bubble bath accompanied by scented candles after a long day in the office, and cosy up with the heavenly comfort of a soft mink fleece gown.

Glam it up

Choose a sophisticated colour scheme for your bathroom and stick with it throughout. Metallics are on trend and ideal for a ‘His & Hers’ bathroom. Start with the smaller accessories such as new soap dispensers, a soap dish and a bathroom glass. For a stylish touch without the hefty price tag, replace your old toilet paper holder with a rose gold L-shaped holder. If it’s a guest bathroom update the look with a touch of art deco with a mirrored tissue box.

4Store it away

Give your bathroom a romantic and charming feel with a detailed Moroccan-inspired bathroom storage cabinet. Store away soaps, towels and toiletries in the drawers to have your bathroom looking neat and organised. Add two or three wall hooks as a practical space saver and hang up used towels to dry off. The wood and beaded detail are a stylish addition. Place a woven basket next to your toilet with an ample supply of toilet paper to eliminate the hunt when you’re down to the end of your roll.

Enlarge the space

Once you’ve packed away all your knick-knacks you’ll have plenty of space to move around, and with the added touch of a few mirrors the space will feel even bigger. Brighten up your bathroom with a wooden sunburst mirror and hang it above your basin. Against the back of your bathroom door hang a full length luna mirror for understated chic – it’s just what you need for a last once-over before you head out for a dinner date or cocktails with friends. Whether it’s applying a facemask or a last touch of makeup a rose gold standing mirror will add a modern touch to your bathroom.

1A luxurious feel

Comfortable good quality bathroom towels are an investment and an essential part of your bathroom’s look and feel. When it comes to towels, it’s always best to opt for natural fibres against your skin. Make sure you treat yourself to the best with a new large towel made with Modal and cotton, these towels are silky and soft to the touch and perfect for wrapping yourself in.

Now that you have all the essential tips to give your bathroom a refreshed look, it’s time to spend your Sunday afternoon throwing away or donating any unwanted items.

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