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We are here to help you find the right kitchen tool for the job.

You can cook anything when you have the right tools at hand. From utensils to purpose built cook’s tools and gadgets, here are the things we think every aspiring home chef should have.


Slotted spoon

  • Use this spoon for serving food that’s cooked in liquid but is served dry.
  • Perfect for retrieving potatoes, vegetables or pasta from boiling water or deep fried favourites from oil.
  • Typically used for draining thicker substances.

Skimming spoon

  • Used to remove the layer of fat or particles from sauces, stews and soups.
  • Also useful for retrieving food that has been deep fried.
  • Typically used for working with syrups / thinner sauces.


  • Used for lifting, flipping, or spreading
  • A long handle to keep your hand away from what is being lifted and from hot surfaces


  • Used for serving soups, stews or sauces
  • A long straight handle to protect hands from hot foods
  • A deep bowl to scoop liquid without twisting


  • A flat base with slots that squeeze and squash whatever you’re mashing
  • Essential for mashing potato, baby food or guacamole

Mixing spoon

  • Use a wooden spoon for mixing or stirring hot foods
  • Metal spoons are better for folding or creaming butter and sugar by hand
  • Wooden spoons are better for non stick or vessels that scratch easily


  • Ideal for serving salad or spaghetti and grilling meat or fish
  • Move, rotate & turn food with delicate precision
  • Choose silicone for non-stick cookware


  • Similar to a spatula but the thinner shape for more turning precision
  • Slides easily under food
  • Ideal for flipping burgers or fish


  • Mix ingredients quickly or incorporate air into a mix
  • Good for egg whites or heavy cream to increase the volume
  • The standard balloon whisk is suitable for most kitchen tasks

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Graters, peelers & slicers

The Zester

  • Remove the outer rind of citrus fruits
    • Can be used on hard cheeses such as parmesan

Box Grater

  • Four grating sizes
    • Can be used to grate cheese, chocolate, vegetables, garlic, ginger, nuts and more

Mandolin Slicers

  • Slice fruit and vegetables quickly and precisely
    • Good for shavings, slivers and uniform slices


  • Turn fresh veggies into noodles
    • Use in place of pasta or to make more interesting salads


  • Remove the peel of fruits and vegetables
    • Make delicate shavings of fruit and vegetables

Herb Stripper

  • Remove stems and leaves from woody herbs such as thyme and rosemary
    • Strip off the leaves of more leafy herbs and vegetables


  • Use for mincing fresh herbs and garlic
    • Can also be used for chopping some meats and cheeses

Garlic press

  • Press fresh garlic cloves easily
    • Can also be used to smash small items such as olives, capers, anchovies and ginger


  • Snip herbs and leafy vegetables
    • Cut fresh flower stems
    • Open packaging
    • Some kitchen scissors can be used for cutting poultry

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Hello Dreamfarm

Introducing the kitchen prep tools you never knew you needed – traditional kitchen tools made to serve you better.

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3 of our Dreamfarm favourites

The Chopula

A spatula with  hardened flat edge on one side that stiff enough to do the job of chopping things while you are cooking them.

The Sharple

A peeler than sharpens itself every time you open or close it’s cover.

The Ortwo

A one handled grinder that makes quick work of milling whole pepper corns or salt.

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