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Now more than ever we are spending time in our bedrooms. It is our safe space, where we go to for not just sleep but relaxation and rejuvenation, for creativity and for calm.

From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, let’s create that space that feels just right no matter what else is happening outside.

A space for quiet and calm

A calm, peaceful state of mind is something we all aspire to. The first step to attaining this is by creating a space that feels calm. Keep all the busyness packed away with simple storage solutions. Layer your bed with colours and textures that are soft and comforting. Create a playlist for the morning to inspire calm in your day, and one for the evening to settle the mind and body, ready for sleep.

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A space for collecting our thoughts

Whether you meditate in the mornings, set aside time for quiet at lunchtime or do yoga in the evenings, having everything you need for those quiet moments can really help settle you into the right mood. From beautiful, textural faux furs and soft velvet scatters to shaggy carpets, padded headboards or a snuggly one-seater couch, set up your space for more “me-time”.

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A space for rejuvenation

Like a holiday for all the senses, your sanctuary can be the place you turn to for all over rejuvenation. Incorporate beautiful bathtime and bedtime routines that soothe from the inside out. Turn down the lights and set the right mood for calming your thoughts and getting your body ready for deep sleep. Disconnect to connect with yourself. Create a spa like experience with scented candles, body scrubs and calming fragrance mists.

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A space for wellbeing

Our overall wellbeing really does begin with a good night’s sleep. And good sleep comes from an overall sense of wellbeing by the time you get into bed. The first step you can take is to set up your bed for healthier sleep. Pure Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding is breathable, soft, moisture wicking and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Fragrance and essential oils are also a powerful way to calm the senses ready for sleep.

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