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Finding the right pillow can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep. A pillow is important as it helps your sleeping posture, which is key to a better rest. 

The pillow you end up choosing will be based mostly on your personal preference but also on your sleeping position. The right pillow will help keep your spine in alignment while you sleep, supporting your your neck, shoulders, back and hips. 

Best pillow for back sleepers

Medium thick pillows are great for back sleepers. 
Back sleepers should look for pillows to support their neck and head. Avoid pillows that prop your neck up at an angle. The key here is keeping your spine and neck aligned while you sleep. 

Look for: something not too full or too flat.

Back sleeper pillow picks: 

Granny Goose Luxury Down Alternative Pillow

This full-support pillow is great for back or side sleeping as it is both mold-able and fluff-able.

Natursan Latex Pillow

This is the perfect pillow for back and side sleepers who prefer firm comfort. This latex pillow holds its shape well over time and features an inner perforated core for maximum breathability.

Best pillow for side sleepers

Fuller firmer pillows are good for side sleepers. Side sleepers should look for pillows to support the head in a neutral position that keeps your head aligned with your spine. Your shoulder is put under pressure when side sleeping, which is why a firm pillow to support the neck, will relieve some weight from the shoulder.

Look for: firmness, fullness, memory foam 

Side sleeper pillow picks: 

Granny Goose Duck Down 3 Chamber Pillow

Moulds well to support your natural shoulder and neck position, refluff every morning to make it feel like new.

Fossflakes Comfort-I Full Body Pillow

Side sleepers who love to cuddle will love this long body pillow that offers excellent lumbar support.

Malouf Memory Foam Cut Out Pillow 

This range of pillows is especially designed for side sleepers with a cut out bottom section for your shoulder

Best pillow for stomach sleepers 

Softer less full pillows are good for stomach sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of stress on the back and neck. It is recommended that stomach sleepers try to sleep in other positions, but habits are hard to break. If you can only sleep on your stomach, make sure you choose a soft pillow that will keep your spine aligned with the head as much as possible. 

Look for: Slim, soft, flat.

Stomach sleeper pillow picks: 

One by Tempur Support Pillow

This pillow was created as the perfect support pillow for any sleeping position. It is designed so that the higher side offers support for your head and neck as you sleep on your side and back, while the tilted end supports your shoulders as you sleep on your stomach.

Pure down pillows are the way to go for stomach sleepers.

Top 5 speciality pillows

Fossflakes Boomerang Pillow

Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the lower back. Fossflakes specially designed pregnancy pillows are great for tired pregnant moms. This crescent shaped is perfect for pregnant side sleeping, support whilst reading, or between your knees for lumbar support.

Malouf Travel Pillow

Malouf travel pillows are not only ergonomically designed but also contain infusions like lavender and camoile to help you sleep almost anywhere on your travels. They also offer moisture control and airflow enhancing technology to keep you comfy. 

nurtureOne Cushion 

This cult favourite is a must have for moms. This wonder cushion is designed to bring a sense of calm and security to baby. Your little one rests on the cushion while feeding, cuddling and sleeping which offers a smooth transition into the crib or sleeping place without changing position or disturbing baby. 

Lounging Pillows

Support your back and neck while relaxing with a book or in front of the TV with specially designed lounging pillows. The Malouf Z Lounge Pillow has a super puffy filling and a unique shape that supports your neck and back for the most comfortable sitting position.

The Granny Goose Couch Mate

Converts from a super comfy throw cushion into a cosy quilt that even has a little pouch for your feet.

More about how to choose a pillow

Now that you know a little more about the kind of support you need, consider these important factors when choosing a pillow:


The fill of your pillow will affect the feel and texture of the pillow. From firm to soft, less full to more full, consider the fillings and if they will support your sleep style. 

Medium to firm fills: 

  • Memory foam 
  • Latex
  • Microfibre

Softer fills: 

  • Down 
  • Feather & down
  • Fossflakes

Fill is also important for allergy sufferers. Synthetic down is great for some while natural fillings like wool or all natural latex are antifungal and antibacterial. 


Memory foam or a latex pillow is going to be heavier, while a down or synthetic pillow will be a little lighter.


Even though you’ll cover it with a pillowcase, you want your pillow fabric to be breathable and durable.

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