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The inner you choose can make all the difference to the quality of your sleep.

Our full range of inners is tailored for all sleep needs from lightweight summer inners to warm and comforting winter inners. All of our quality inners are now manufactured locally.

Natural Down

Our range of natural inners have been chosen to support your sleep naturally in any season. Natural duvets are soft and allow your skin to breathe more easily compared to synthetic materials.

Feathers and down

The natural filings of down or feather duvets are able to give a higher level of warmth because feathers are naturally adept at trapping air for insulation.

Down-filled duvets: Normally made with fluffy feathers from the breast area of the bird, they are usually lightweight and offer the best level of warmth.

Feather-filled duvets: Usually less expensive than down options but heavier, as the feathers are larger, stronger and more robust.

Feather and down-filled duvets: A mix of the two means both tough feathers and warm down are used to give the ideal level of weight and warmth.

Tip: Always shake natural duvet inners from the side and not the bottom to prevent the filling from moving between boxes.

Down Alternative

Synthetic fillings like microfibre are perfectly suited to those who suffer from allergies. Synthetic duvets are available for all tog ratings and help reduce allergy symptoms and wash easily so are suitable for use by the whole family.


Microfibre is a completely allergy free man-made fibre. The casing is ultra soft and the inner fibre gives your bedding high loft for that sleeping-on-a-cloud experience. Take your pick from our luxury, light weight and all season options – you’ll be sure to find an inner to meet your needs and have an amazing slumber.

Fibre puff

Medium warmth with a wonderfully light feel, our fibre puff inner is perfect for use all year round by the whole family. The anti-allergenic properties of fibre puff balls also makes it ideal for anyone in your family that suffers from allergies.

Tencel Fibre

Crafted for comfort, this natural fibre inner is soft, hygienic and warm, so you can sleep easy every night. Tencel fibre is an eco-friendly choice extracted from 100% beech wood pulp, which means it’s perfect for someone wanting to live a nature-loving lifestyle.

What tog?

Duvets come with their own scale of warmth called a ‘tog’ rating, and thicker doesn’t necessarily mean warmer. The tog rating refers to effectiveness of a material’s thermal insulation, using an ascending scale ranging from cool and lightweight low tog duvets at 1.5 and 3 tog, up to the extra cosy 15 tog duvet.

In the naturally warmer climates of South Africa it is easier to choose your duvet inner based on season, either a lightweight summer inner or a more luxurious winter inner.

Why an all season inner?

In an era of unpredictable weather patterns, an all-season inner is often the go-to solution for many South Africans, warm enough for winter but light enough for summer.

An all season inner will usually have two parts, which you can clip together for extra warmth in winter and unclip for a lighter cover in summer.

Which support?

It is well worth your time finding a pillow that has the correct balance of comfort and support for your unique sleep style.

Your sleep position will help you choose the pillow with the best support for you.

Sleep on your side

Higher loft, firm support

Sleep on your back

Low loft, medium support

Sleep on your front

Low loft, gentle support

The Right Fit

Mattress Size Inner Duvet Covers
Double 137x188x35 200×200
Queen 152x188x35 230×200
Queen XL 152x203x35 230×220
King   183x188x35 230×220
King XL 183x203x35 260×240

Is it time for a new inner?

Duvet inners should be replaced every 5 – 10 years or if it is discoloured, has cold spots, or feels flat or lumpy.

Replace pillow inners every 2 – 4 years or if they are discoloured or feel flat or lumpy, you wake up with a neck ache, wheezy or with a runny nose.

Cleaning your inner

Aim to wash your duvet every four months, but always check the label first as most natural duvets will be dry clean only. If it’s suitable for the washing machine and there’s a specific stain that needs removing, shake the filling away from that area and apply a mild detergent before you load it into the drum. Make sure there’s enough space within the machine for the duvet to fit in first though.

Use a normal spin setting to wash and allow your duvet to air afterwards until it’s completely dry. Then, run a warm iron over it to remove any remaining bacteria.

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