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Msquare juiceany people say that ‘juicing’is a lifestyle. In fact, there are several individuals and foodie communities out there that thrive on drinking their meals. So the real question is, are you ready to feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before?

With your new Breville juicer at hand, it’s unbelievably tempting to just go rogue and throw anything in there. But, as with anything you need to find a symbiotic balance between the fruits and veg. Not to mention that it’s also an excellent way to sneak vegetables into your kid’s diet. Those fussy little eaters will never know!


The Root of it All

With a great juicer comes great responsibility. Finding a delicious balance of fruits and vegetable is part of the fun of juicing. Sure the thoughts might be weird at first like ‘should I throw this beetroot in? Can I really juice this broccoli? Whats the deal with juicing garlic? But more often than now, you’ll be surprised at what tasty beverages you can create, leaving you thinking – where has this juicer been all my life?

We’ve compiled a list of essential ingredients that you should be using to get that health kick you’ve been searching for.


KaleYes it’s a type of spinach, and yes you should be drinking it. It does have that earthy taste that you’re thinking of but, the health benefits are phenomenal. As you’ll be juicing the kale from its raw state, you’ll receive the maximum amount of nutrition possible without the chewy, leafy consistency.

You can expect all sorts of good stuff to be coursing through your body such as:

  • Vitamin A – This contains antioxidants and up to 133% of your daily RDA is found in kale.
  • Vitamin C – An immune system supporter that also helps prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Vitamin K – To help with blood clotting and bone health

This applies to all green vegetables as well. The greener the better!



GingerIf you’re the kind of person who has digestion issues or recurring headaches then you should welcome ginger with open arms. This miracle root has been used for centuries for medical purposes and can aid with:

  • Teaching your body to absorb nutrients
  • Nausea
  • Stomach distress and internal parasites

Not only does it add that exotic Asian twist to your juice, but it can make you feel ten times better as well. However, unless it’s organic, you should always peel your ginger to rid it of potential bacteria and chemicals caused by pesticides.


  1. Apples

Apples 2Sweet, delicious and packed full of goodness. Whether you choose Granny Smith or Pink Ladies, the nutritional content of the fruit is easily absorbed into your body as the juice is almost ‘pre-digested’. Furthermore, apples can add that extra sweetness to your vegetable mixes as well, making them more palatable whilst providing rich antioxidants as well.


  1. Lemons

LemonsIf you know anyone that follows a raw food or alkaline diet, they’ll tell you about the phenomenal properties that lie in the humble lemon. Many dieticians, diet fundis and health gurus boast that drinking a mug of warm water with lemon juice every morning helps to cleanse your body. And they’re not wrong.

There are several benefits to this yellow beauty, such as:

  • Aiding your digestion
  • Supporting weight loss through pectins
  • Soothing a sore throat
  • Providing an excellent source of potassium
  • Being highly alkalinewhich helps restore your body’s PH levels

Best of all, the flavour goes well with anything, so you can throw it into any juice you’re making. Unless it’s organic, be sure to remove the skin, to avoid those pesky pesticides.


  1. Carrots

CarrotsAnother humble ingredient that is not only packed with rich nutrients but can also produce lots of juice to bulk your veggie drinks. Not only are they a tasty and healthy snack on their own, but also an excellent source for:

  • Beta carotene – beneficial to long-lasting eye health
  • Antioxidants – defending against harmful bacteria, viruses and inflammation
  • Immune boosters– drinking carrot juice everyday can help arm your body against Alzheimer’s and cancer

Be warned! Having too much carrot juice can potentially turn your skin orange (known as carotenemia) and not the good self-tan kind either. Everything in moderation!

Juicing is an excellent way to absorb the maximum amount of nutrition available in foods. It’s important to rotate which ingredients you’re using in order to receive an array of the good stuff.

Not only does juicing taste delicious, but you’ll soon start to feel the health benefits from it too. So, with your trusty Breville juicer by your side, we welcome you to a more nutritional side of life.

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