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Eco-down, synthetic down, fibre alternatives… you’ll probably have heard these terms being thrown around if you have ever looked for a duvet or pillow and you suffer from feather or dust-mite allergies or prefer vegan-friendly bedding products.

There are many options that fit the bill, however, are they all good options?

Not all down alternatives are made equal

Real down is made up of tiny filaments that act as a heat exchange – trapping air and providing insulation but simultaneously breathing, so that you’ll always remain comfortable without overheating.

Over time these little fibres continue to work for you – maintaining their puff, without lumping or clumping.

Most fibre alternatives are not very good at mimicking nature. In fact, they trap air and create maximum insulation without breathing, and may not maintain their loft over the years, often balling up and become a mess. Many are not machine washable, which makes caring for your duvet very difficult.

An alternative to down, like no other.

Fossflakes products are crafted by a team of experts in Denmark.

Fossflakes fibres are unrivalled in their ability to act like down. Unique, tiny featherlight synthesized fibres are mixed to create a lofty, puffy filling for duvets, pillows and cushions that are all fully machine washable and guaranteed to keep their volume for years to come without lumping.

@home now stocks a range of Fossflakes products.

Unlike real down, Fossflakes makes a medium-firm filling for pillows, an excellent choice for support, recovery and therapeutic pillows whilst having enough ‘give’ for night-long comfort.

*All Fossflakes support pillows include 1 x made-to-size removeable cotton pillow case.

Fossflakes Knee-Ankle support pillow

  • A firm comfort rectangular cushion ideal for side sleepers with lower back pain.
  • Designed to be placed between knees to correctly align hips.
  • Set includes a fitting cotton pillow cover.

Fossflakes Comfort I Junior and Mini pillows

  • Firm comfort support pillows shaped to support your neck and shoulders or elevate your legs.
  • Available in 2 sizes: mini (neckroll) and junior (bolster)

Fossflakes Comfort I Senior Full Body pillow

  • A firm comfort support pillow that’s perfect to elevate your legs, as support for side sleepers, or place between your knees to relieve lower back or hip pain.

Fossflakes Chiropractic support pillow

  • A wedge-shaped pillow designed for back sleepers. This pillow has been designed by Chiropractors to correctly support your head & neck whilst resting.
  • Choose from 3 sizes to suit your body shape.

Fossflakes Boomerang family pillow

  • A crescent shaped pillow that can we used for sleep support or as a back rest whilst reading.

Fossflakes Nursing pillow

  • A firm comfort pillow used to support & elevate your baby whilst feeding making nursing so much easier.

Fossflakes Side sleeper pillow

  • An L-shaped pillow specifically designed to be supportive and keep side sleepers in a healthy sleeping position.

Fossflakes pillows

A pillow for those who prefer firm support. Filled with a unique filling that maintains it’s loft night after night without clumping and lumping. These pillows are encased in pure high thread count cotton.

How to wash and care for Fossflakes products.


We recommend washing your Fossflakes products twice a year at 60°C. At this temperature they will come clean and a be free of allergens like the house dust mite. Regular washing helps maintain the volume and loft of your Fossflakes products.

Avoid fabric softeners as these may compromise the properties of the filling.


You can tumble-dry your Fossflakes products for 45 minutes at a low setting, <60°C max. Remove your Fossflakes product immediately after the drying cycle is complete. If not removed promptly from a hot tumble dryer, the heat from the dryer drum may damage the filling.

Cleaning tip: Wash your Fossflakes product with its cover on. This saves you laundering time and helps protect your Fossflakes product.

If possible, hang your Fossflakes product outdoors on the line for a few hours before using it again.

Maintaining volume and comfort

Fluff and shake your Fossflakes product regularly. Grab a corner (one at a time) and give it a few quick shakes.

Fluff your pillow every morning when you wake up to make it feel like new. Your body heat releases moisture into your pillow and the action of shaking/fluffing will release the trapped moisture and helps your pillow to breathe.

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