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Furniture has moved on from a purely functional role into something that sets the tone and inspires the entire look and feel of your home.

There have been some exciting new trends in furniture emerging over the last few years and this year’s contemporary looks are full of big statements and beautiful finishes. Here are a few of our favourites.

Natural, deep greens

There has been a big shift towards nature and all that it gives us. Taking inspiration from lush, verdant forests we are seeing more and more greens from deep forest green and green heavy teals to an authentic moss green. Add this to plush velvet fabrics and you have a space that feels peaceful and embracing.

The Chelsey Range now includes forest green velvet

 Outdoors indoors

More and more we are looking to reconnect with nature and the outside world. Nature inspired pieces feed our inner biophiliac and serve as a bridge between the outer natural world and our inner lives and homes. Sustainablly sourced woods, natural fabrics and materials, plenty of light and greenery work to create an oasis of calm out of our technology driven days.

Our Napoli Range is made from sustainably sourced wood in Vietnam

Celebrating the local with the exotic

We love our local African influences, inspiring a beautiful and unique sense of style in our homes. Combining this with a few exotic inspired patterns and pieces creates a wonderfully textured and rich space, filled with stories and possibilities, the very best of our world.

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