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shutterstock_140110885A KitchenAid mixer is indispensable to homemakers, professional chefs and food stylists around the world and it will be your new best friend in the kitchen too. The speed, power and versatility mean that you can make a variety of treats this summer, not just ice-cream!

The ice-cream attachment helps you whip up all sorts of creamy, frozen treats quickly, and you can experiment with a multitude of different flavours and textures. You can even allow your creativity to flow by adding other interesting and even exotic ingredients to the mix. 


Get the scoop

The journey to exciting, preservative and additive free ice-cream is just ahead. All you need to do is figure out what you’re going to make. If you’re short on ideas, you can try your hand at any of these:

  • Ice Cream Cakes – Customise your ice-cream birthday cake by making your own creamy treat. Best of all, as the mixture result is quite soft; you can pour it into a metal mould of your choice for a unique and professional-looking result.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches  – A childhood classic that even adults will enjoy, you can nestle your favourite ice cream between biscuits or wafers for a nostalgic treat.
  • Frozen yoghurt – It’s never been easier to create your own unique twist on this popular, healthy dessert. Consider adding berries or citrus flavours to your mix, to help cool you down on a summer’s day. QUOTEfinal1
  • Ice cream – There are so many different and interesting variations you can use to make this classic favourite both original and tasty. How about vanilla ice cream with peanut brittle and milk chocolate chunks? Or even adding crushed up biscuits with a swirl of freshly brewed coffee?
  • Sorbet – Take charge of this dairy free alternative and go wild with your flavours. From timeless classics like lemon or mango to something more exotic like a peach and basil infused delight, you’re only limited by your creativity.
How Sweat Eats - Mini Donuts

Image from How Sweet Eats

  • Milkshakes – After making your own foundations for ice-cream or frozen yoghurt, add a little bit extra milk or coconut water to produce milkshakes or fruit smoothies. And for a touch of diet-busting decadence, add toasted marshmallows or mini donuts.

Cream of the Crop

Making your own delightful desserts is as impressive as it is tasty, so why not show off your skills? There are several other uses, occasions and opportunities in which you can utilise this attachment with massive effects, such as:

  • Kids’ parties – Become all the rage at your little one’s next shutterstock_124320094birthdaybash with cones and sprinkles galore. By hosting an ice-cream party, you can make an array of flavours for the children to mix and match. It’s also easy to make your own healthier alternatives such as frozen yoghurt, without the little ones knowing the difference.
  • Cocktail parties – Impress your friends with homemade sorbet at your next soiree. With this attachment you can make all sorts of frozen desserts, drinks and granitas. And, to make it even easier, create a base concoction of which each of your guests can then add their favourite spirit or aperitif. As part of the fun, supply mint leaves, sliced fruit and cocktail umbrellas too.

This KitchenAid attachment is an exciting and creative way to bring people together. Who doesn’t want to bond over iced treats in the warm summer air?

Best of all, you stand a chance to win one in a colour of your choice with @home. Simply click here, fill out your details and tell us, what’s your summer scoop?

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