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Wire is in and it has been given a modern, super stylish update. There are some beautiful wire pieces out there for your home from tables to lighting to chairs. The traditional wire basket is still around but it has been reinvented to be more of a design feature rather than just serving as functional storage.

It is about revival: Functional wire pieces were hot in the 60’s. Now even hotter, the wire trend started showing up in open industrial spaces and loft conversions.

It is about form meeting function: Wire is the perfect combination of durability and sculptural design. Wire furniture not only fulfills a function in your home, it stands out with its unique forms, volumes and shapes.

It is about bright, playful colours: Modern wire furniture and accessories are made to be a design feature in your home, made to stand out and to make a statement. By choosing your pieces in pops of bright colour you are highlighting their impact. Warm metallics such as gold or copper add a hint of glamour and style.

It is multi-dimensional: Play with the patterns each wire piece creates. Place your wire table in the right lighting for beautifully patterned shadows. Wire light pendants become a multidimensional feature in any space, the effect enhanced when you switch the light on.

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