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Contemporary Classic is the interplay between the restrained and the opulent, and the past and the modern, forging a new classic style.

This look seeks the luxury of solitude and simplicity with pared back looks and invisible tech.

The calm of white space creates a contrast to the glamour and luxury of timeless pieces in opulent fabrics like velvet and faux fur, real leathers offset by natural woods and linens. Ornate and intricate details are an integral part of this look where mirror shines through in understated glory.

Rest is the focus where everything has been selected for the way it gives the room a naturally graceful flow, creating pockets of silence in everyday life. The furniture here talks of quality and values, timelessness and sustainability.

“The look is about modern glamour with relaxed comfort. Luxurious layering and sophisticated textures purvey an air of serenity and calm.”

Karen Brumfield, @home Head of Buying

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