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Contemporary Luxe offers just the right amount of glamour balanced by a strong dose of comfort. Think sumptuous fabrics complemented by opulent lighting, metallic frames alongside crystal and reflective surfaces. It’s all in the decadent details.

Luxurious features sit comfortably with contemporary clean lines, modern materials are created with traditional patterns, these all work to evoke a home’s natural heritage. Craftsmanship and material are of great importance. Touches of opulence and convenience are integrated perfectly in a way that feels organic, reflecting a sense of place and a promise to withstand the test of time.

The finest stone and marble, wood, brass and fabrics such as velvet, beautiful light fittings, unique furniture pieces and expensive art are all part of the mix.

Although the glitz is pulled back and simplified, there are elements of it pulled through in the design of new and contemporary pieces allowing the sophistication and glamour of a previous, more decadent era to still shine through.

“The art sits in selecting enough of the more decadent pieces mixed with toned down and clean lined items to give you that up to date but timeless style of “Contemporary Luxe.” Jake McAllen – Visual Merchandise Manager

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