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From greek temples to boutique hotels, marble has a long history in interiors, and it’s not going anywhere. Favoured since the Roman times’ marble was, and has been, a statement of wealth. Now accessible to all, it’s grown in popularity in the interiors world mainly in the form of furniture pieces and accessories.  It’s crisp clean natural looks and exquisite pattern formations provide visual interest to our homes so it’s no surprise that it continues to be a popular choice. Marble has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design and there are a number of ways to introduce this marvellous natural material into our homes.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The key to keeping this trend fresh is using it in small doses, accents and statement pieces rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this case, less is infinitely more.
  •  Visually marble can appear rather cold, so you might want to consider using accents of it in your homes rather than in large quantities. 
  • To create a warmer vibe, combine marble with contrasting textures such as natural woods, and/or woven materials. 
  • When looking at accessories, focus on adding one or two marble pieces to the room. A pair of marbled lamps would be a nice focal point by your bedside or in your family room.
  • A piece of wall art or a patterned throw rug that mimics the neutral colors and bold lines found in marble could be all you need to tie a room together. 

Whether it’s in a scandinavian interior to add a touch of luxe, ultra glam or an urban home with industrial features – marble interiors can be introduced into your space to suit your style. 

  • Ultra Glam try pairing marble with velvets and brass for an interior scheme to covet very art-deco. In terms of wall colours, verdant greens and indigo pair well with marble, so go deep with your hues. Golds and velvet also work to warm the coolness of the stone, but remember when mixing bold materials like golds, marble and velvet it’s best to use them sparingly as accents so’s not to overpower a room.
  • Scandinavian keep things simple by using marble topped with metal and wooden tables to create a minimalist look over shiny brass and gold.
  • Modern pair white marble with statement gunmetal hardware, black and white is classic colour combo and is guaranteed to look good. Perfect if your home style is more industrial and you prefer to toughen up your interiors.

Just remember to stick to one central theme, be that glamorous or minimalist and be consistent. 

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