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unspecifiedThe summer holiday season is almost here! With that in mind, think of how you are going to keep your skin, hair, nails and body beautiful for beach days. All that time in the sun can have a damaging effect on your skin, so get your beauty regime in place now to avoid worrying about it during the holiday with these products.

  1. Body scrub

Using a body scrub regularly will help your skin look more youthful and vibrant, and ready for summer dresses and beach shorts. Body scrubs remove dead skin cells as they exfoliate the skin, also making it easier for your skin to absorb skin moisturizer and to keep your body healthy. The stylish Umber range of bath and body bodylotionproducts contains caffeine extracts and a rich source of antioxidants that helps maintain a healthy skin and body.

  1. Body lotion

During the warmer months it is important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised daily, not just for your legs to feel smooth, but also to protect your skin against drying out and to prevent any damage from exposure. A day spent at the beach or in the park can easily turn into a whole afternoon of drinks and socialising, so keep this Savannah shea body lotion in your car or beach bag to nourish your skin and to keep it smooth and soft throughout the day.

  1. Shaving creamshavingcream

There’s just something about smooth skin, especially in summer when you don’t want to worry about bumps, nicks and cuts when planning your outfit. The use of shaving cream might make the process take a little longer, but you’ll find the benefits of using it to be worthwhile. Treat yourself to some Umber shaving cream this year and enjoy healthy and smooth skin every day.

  1. Hand cream

Hand cream should form part or your everyday beauty regime in order to prevent your hands from feeling dry and to reduce visible signs of aging. Our hands are one of the most sensitive areas of
our body, but yet we often neglect to give them the attention they need. Choose a scent from our range that suits your personal style and keep some hand cream in your car, handbag and at your desk to add that subtle hint of freshness to your day.

Look after your skin this season and put in some extra effort to ensure you keep your summer glow for as long as possible!

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