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As the days start to get longer and lighter and we move out of winter towards spring, it is time to create a space that can be both cosy and warm on colder days and light and airy on those sunny first days of spring.    

Live lightly

But keep something warm close on hand

Bring more light into your home at this time with lighter fabrics for your bed, sheer curtains or a carpet update from a shaggy to a cotton viscose. The weather can be tricky at this time so it is best to keep a few faux fur blankets and some throws out to be used as needed.

Freshen up your sleep space

With a touch of winter warmth for added cosiness

Egyptian cotton bedding is the ideal luxury for all seasons, keeping you cool and dry on warmer nights yet still warm and comforting on colder evenings. If you have an all season duvet inner, now is the time to unclip your inners and use the thicker of the two, the transitional season layer. Remember those blankets as an added layer of warmth when needed. A new electric fragrance diffuser and fresh home fragrance can really liven up your sleep space for the new season too.

Go for seasonal dining

The warmth of wood with glazed ceramics for colour

Stay connected with the natural rhythms of nature by eating fresh, seasonal produce. Seasonal dining also extends to the dining table with natural woods that exude a warm winter feeling but also perfect for opening up your home for an indoor outdoor dining experience. Choose new table linen for a fresh look and ensure you have enough crockery for the coming months of entertaining at home. Glazed ceramics bring a touch of brightness to the table.

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