Get Your Home Ready For Winter!

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The days are getting shorter, and there is a chill in the air… winter is coming! We have some easy switches for you to make your home winter ready so keep reading to find out how to get cosy!

Cosy, opulent materials:

We find ourselves reaching for cosier materials at this time, so an easy way to get your home ready for winter is to make sure you have more luxurious materials around you. Furs and velvet are two fabrics that we love during the colder months.  Wrap yourself up in a fur blanket or sprawl on a welcoming velvet couch for the ultimate cosy comfort. If you are not looking to invest in velvet furniture, add accents around the house with scatter cushions to create the opulent effect. Browse here.

Décor switches:

Switching your home up for winter can be as easy as making some décor switches. A warm throw on a couch or dark floral cushions can add the touch you need without breaking the bank. Adding a cushy carpet is also a very effective way of adding some winter flair to your home.

Finally, we also love some warmer metals in the colder months: gold and brass add warmth and depth to your space. A vase or planter with brass accents or gold drinks trolley are perfect additions to your winter space! Browse more décor here.

Sweet, spicy scents:

Out with the florals and in with the sugary spice! We love scents like cinnamon, cloves and pepper in winter. The spice reminds us of mulled wine or winter roasts! Add some sweetness with fruity scents rather than florals in winter with a touch of orange. Don’t forget to explore woody scents as they add depth and richness to any smell. Find your fragrance here.

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