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Buying gifts will always be a bit of a headscratcher, especially gifts for him! We have made it easier for you, however, by curating some items for the three types of men in our lives: The Calm Creative, The Health Nut and The Metro Man. Sound familiar? Find all of the tips below:

The Calm Creative:

He is ambitious, a worldly adventurer and has a casual coolness that makes him radiate creative energy.

Treat the creative in your life with items that will inspire him to get creating! @home’s range of vegan leather travel wallets and journals are the perfect present for anyone for a love of travel. Plus, your creative always needs something to write his ideas down in.

The Magnificent Barista Boys coffee is also a staple in the house of an early morning riser who is always on the move.

Lastly, keep your creative in touch with nature by getting him one of our earthy planters so he can keep his workspace calm and natural.

The Health Nut:

He can run circles around you, is extremely driven and always conscious of what he is putting in his body.

Help the health nut in your life by getting him some goodies to keep him eating clean and staying active. The sleek, stainless-steel Quokka water bottle is the perfect companion to his early morning runs or weekend hikes. This will allow him to stay cool and refreshed on all of his active adventures.

Inspire him to get cooking by gifting him the new Jamie Oliver Veg book. Full of delicious, healthy recipes to keep his body strong and his taste buds tingling! Add a set of new chop-ready knives, and you will have one happy, healthy man!

The Metro Man

He always looks smart, is office-bound and has a taste for the finer things in life.

Spoil the Metro man in your life with some much-needed relaxation. Let him forget the stress of the day with a stylish set of whiskey tumblers and add in a luxurious robe to replace his suit jacket and make his nightcap an even more relaxing experience.

A decadent treat for his long days will also be welcome with a variety of sweet treats like some Dark Chocolate Biscotti to slip into his desk drawer.

Whoever the man in your life is, find a range of products to spoil him with by clicking here!

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