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Gifts are all about showing love and bringing happiness, but if the thought of Christmas shopping leaves you feeling overwhelmed, the best place to start is with a plan. Before you head out to the shops or begin browsing online, create a clear and purposeful shopping list to guide your search, saving you time and keeping Christmas shopping a fun, pleasant experience.

Make a list

Whether you prefer physical paper or like to keep it digital, creating a list that you can tick off gives you a sense of achievement and focus. Split your list into categories such as work gifts, teacher gifts and family gifts, then list the individual recipients below. Start with the ones you will need first and go from there. 

Get specific 

Heading out on a shop without a plan can often find us back at home empty-handed. Creating any kind of parameter for your search narrows down the group of items you look at, making the selection process a little bit easier and a lot less overwhelming. This could be as simple as shopping within a price range or specific category.

Set a budget

Decide how much you want to spend in total or by person and let this guide your search. Shop our convenient and thoughtful gifting selections by price to find the perfect present within your budget. 


Set a deadline

Give yourself a date that your gifts must be in hand. This is especially important if you are buying gifts online or travelling before Christmas. Decide on the latest possible date you can have the item and work back by a week or 2 to be extra safe. If you live in an outlying area give yourself at least 2 weeks for your gift to arrive to avoid disappointment and stress.  

Have options

If you don’t know exactly what to get them, take a moment to consider the person’s passions and interests. Have 1 or 2 general ideas for each, for example, if they love coffee or are into baking then you know you should keep an eye out for something in that category. 

Let our gifting categories spark an idea for the perfect gift


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Make it special 

Take the pressure off and remind yourself that a gift no matter the value, size or function, is always more special when it is thoughtful. Taking the time to think of the recipient’s passions and preferences will always give you a good present. Choosing a gift that also benefits its creators adds another layer to the thoughtful gift-giving practice. 

Choose from a carefully curated selection of locally made gifts. Choosing local boosts South African business and keeps local jobs secure.

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