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Pillows 2_CroppedGranny Goose makes superior bedding from the finest natural materials to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. They offer a range of duvet sizes and fillings, as well as luxurious mattress toppers which are sure to be the stuff of your dreams! This proudly South African company is motivated to give their customers proper sleep to invigorate and rejuvenate them for busy happy lives.

All Granny Goose duvets are made exclusively with the highest quality down, their unique technology of a baffle-wall which allows the down to expand evenly and eradicate cold spots, a superfine thread count and a beautiful finish.

box-stitch-duvetWhat are the natural fill options?

Granny Goose use a number of different natural fills for their duvets. Their highest spec duvets are filled with goose down which creates the lightest, puffiest cover and offers the cosiest natural insulation imaginable. This down has the strongest clusters which means their duvets have great resilience and will last longer than any other filling. The mid-range filling of duck down is slightly heavier as obtaining the ideal level of insulation requires more of the smaller down clusters. Their final option is the more economical duck down and feather mix. These duvets are slightly heavier than pure down as they also contain small duck feathers.

What are the benefits of natural fill?

Compared to synthetic duvets, natural filled duvets offer three times the warmth per ounce. A down duvet will therefore be lighter, yet warmer. As a natural fibre, down can breathe and absorb body vapour, preventing you from overheating. Down also remains evenly distributed ensuring none of the cold spots that emerge when synthetic fibres lump together over time.

What about allergies?

Granny Goose have discovered that genuine allergies to down are not very common – it is rather the dust or dust mites in some down bedding which many people react badly to. As part of their extensive cleaning process, they triple de-dust all Granny Goose natural fill products, and then prevent dust mites from entering the duvets with tightly woven cotton downproof fabric. This technology and attention to detail therefore allows many people who have previously opted for synthetic bedding having reacted to down in the past to enjoy all of the benefits of natural filling.

What are the benefits of a mattress topper?

The Granny Goose Featherbed is a dreamy addition to any mattress. Natural duck and feather filling is contained within durable 100% cotton percale by the unique baffle-wall construction to ensure even distribution. This soft and warm layer moulds to your body and provides support as well as insulation. It is ideal for aching joints (or very tired bodies after long days!) as it cushions pressure points.

As an indication of the confidence Granny Goose have in their products, in addition to all coming with a warranty, if your duvet or mattress topper does not meet your expectations we will happily refund you for anything returned in original packaging within fourteen days. We’re positive that once you’ve tried sleeping under, or on, one of their beautifully crafted sleep enhancers you won’t dream of bringing it back!

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