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The right pillow is an essential component to a healthy nights sleep. Your choice of pillow depends on your personal preference and sleeping position. The perfect pillow will keep your head, neck and spine aligned throughout the night.


For the best fit on your bed we recommend the standard size pillows for Single, 3/4, Double and Queen size beds. The king size pillows look best on your king size bed as they will meet in the middle.


Natural Fills

All our natural fillings are the finest quality NEW down that conforms to European Standard DIN EN 12934. We use a 100% cotton downproof 230 thread count casing for all our natural fill pillows which prevents the filling from leaking through the casing. It is important to take your time to find the correct pillow that will provide you with the perfect balance of support and comfort while sleeping. This mostly depends on your body shape, size, personal preference and the position in which you sleep. Everyone is different and you and your partner may have different requirements.


Contrary to popular belief, genuine allergies to down are not very common although they can of course occur. Most allergies attributed to down emanate from dust and the dust mite. All Granny Goose natural fill products are triple de-dusted as part of the exhaustive cleaning process. This coupled with the use of a tightly woven cotton downproof fabric prevents the dust mites from entering the casing.

On the basis of new scientific knowledge, this prejudice concerning the alleged negative properties of bedding filled with down and feathers bedding has had to be revised, or even completely reversed!

According to representative studies in Central Europe, in which hundreds of homes, bedrooms, beds, duvets and pillows were examined for house dust mite infestation and allergen content, it is now clear:- Feather and down filled bedding is not a preferred habitat for house dust mites. With normal care, hardly any house dust mites are found in these articles of bedding, as the dense downproof casing represents an almost impenetrable barrier for the mites.
– The favourable warm and climatic conditions offered by down bedding for humans (rapid accumulation of warmth while the person is sleeping, rapid decrease in humidity when the room is aired) are a very unfavourable habitat for mites, which need humidity.
– In every home and in every bedroom, it is almost impossible to avoid house dust mites. They feed directly on humans, namely on the tiny flakes of skin which everyone constantly sheds. On the other hand, feathers and down do not provide any nutrients for mites.

Sources: "Gutachten zur Einschätzung der Relevanz der Bettfedern -(Keratin) Allergie" Expert opinion on the assessment of the relevance of keratin allergy), Prof. Dr. med. Hofmann, Head of the Pediatric Institute of the University Hospital of Frankfurt am Main. "House dust mite allergen in pillows", expert opinion of the Wellington Asthma Research Group, Wellington School of Medicine, New Zealand. "Ökologische Untersuchungen zur Hausstaubmilbenallergie" (Ecological Studies of the Allergy to House Dust Mites), Prof. Dr. Dr. H. W. Jürgens, Anthropological Institute of the University of Kiel.


It is important to take proper care of your pillows in order to prolong their life and keep them looking good. Use recommend using a pillow protector to keep your pillows clean. If you feel like your pillow needs a complete wash then follow these instructions.

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