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Spring signals a fresh start: an opportunity for better habits – and greater rewards! Small sustainability-minded changes to your kitchen can make a significant difference in your life (and others’).

So take advantage of the season of life and load your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables for more delicious whole food cooking. Visit your local farmer’s market over the weekend for locally produced, in-season produce to reduce packaging and food miles (the carbon footprint produced transporting your food). Avoid waste with a fridge triage box – a box filled with produce nearer to expiry. Place it front and centre so you know what to eat or cook with first. Should you have a garden, any peelings or scraps left after preparation can be composted.

When purchasing kitchenware, purchase with both the item’s source and its durability and longevity in mind. Choose glass containers, bamboo chopping boards and cast-iron cookware. These materials are hardier and longer lasting, with less damage to the environment than their counterparts.

Enjoy a healthier and happier life from the inside out – green your kitchen!

Bamboo Butcher Block (R699)

Oslo Glass Canister (R89)

Bamboo Utensil Set (R99)

Cast Iron Cocotte (R249)







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