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The cushion that sends little ones to dreamland.

The brainchild of Esther Nieder-Heitmann and Jenny Spiro will have you wondering what you did before you knew about it. So good a solution to getting babies to sleep better, that some hospitals in South Africa have used the cushion to assist in the ICU with keeping premature babies comfy enough to sleep. As part of Esther’s Occupational Therapy Master’s Thesis, The Developmental Care of the Neonate (the new born baby) Esther and Jenny conceptualised the nurtureOne Nesting Cushion that is now available from @home.

A baby sleep solution backed by research.

Why the nurtureOne Nesting Cushion works so well.

  • Mimics a womb-like environment by providing boundaries but at the same time it is soft enough to allow movement.  In other words the baby is able to bring his or her hands to the midline for self-soothing. Movement is important for muscle development.
  • Allows seamless transitions between cot-bed-arms due to it’s size / portability. Movement becomes less disturbing to your baby when you use the cushion to provide a constant sleep environment. Can be used as a nest any place: a bed or sofa even when you’re both away from home. And fits well into most cots, moses baskets and even car seats.
  • Self-reinforcing sleep behaviour. Sleep becomes associated with a good experience for your baby and they develop good sleep habits and patterns of behaviour. The feel and smell of the cushion is connected with sleep time and it gets easier for baby to sleep, wherever they may be.
  • Sleep-safe materials are used to produce the cushion -an inner layer of cotton and an outer layer of super soft stretch-cotton. These raw materials were tested and found to have no infant health risks and are hypoallergenic.
  • Easy care: NurtureOne cushions arefully machine washable, just place it into a pillowcase and add to any laundry load using liquid detergent. You can also tumble dry on low heat. If the filling has shifted during wash (or daily use) you can massage the fibers back into place by hand.

What to do when your child outgrows their NurtureOne nesting cushion.

What happens when your child must transition from their beloved sleeping spot to another resting place.

  • This could take place around 8 months, but it depends on the baby.
  • The easiest way to start the process is to roll a towel into a “sausage” shape and put this at the foot of the cot, up against the baby’s feet.  .
  • Start eliminating the cushion from morning rest periods, then move on to afternoon and then finally night time routines. Eventually baby will happily be sleeping in his/her cot without the cushion.

Once your child has fully outgrown their cushion: NurtureOne works with an organisation called Atlantic Hope, a place that provides a safe home for abandoned babies who are awaiting adoption. These new-borns love their NurtureOne nesting cushions, so if your baby has outgrown theirs you can return it to nurtureOne and they will wash it and deliver it for you to Atlantic Hope.

Baby in wicker crib on nurtureOne nesting cushion

5* for nurtureOne

The consensus is that this cushion is the best thing ever for little ones, here are some first had accounts:

“On my first try with the NurtureOne nesting cushion my baby slept for 7 hours straight. This is the first time since my little one arrived that I’ve had a full nights sleep”–  ***** Mom, Cape Town.

“I replaced some heavy medication that a baby was prescribed with a NurtureOne nesting cushion to promote better sleep, and it worked! “– ***** Midwife, South Africa.

Sold on the idea of sleep for both yourself and your baby? We stock the nurtureOne Nesting cushion and a range of accessories. Shop here for your nurtureOne Nesting Cushion.

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