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Since 1938, Guzzini has striven to achieve an ideal combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal. With a company motto “designed to be used” this is a brand committed to creating quality products for everyday use.

Untitled design (5)Today, Guzzini products can be found in homes, restaurants and hotels in 85 countries throughout the world. Much of this success is due to a basic quality in the company’s DNA – a curiosity for innovation.

A constant striving to achieve an ideal combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal has always encouraged Guzzini to explore inquisitively, both in researching new materials and finding interesting and original design concepts.

Their kitchen and tableware are all beautifully designed but easy to use, very familiar, inexpensive and extremely practical. The company’s motto is “designed to be used”.

Guzzini bowls, glasses and servers are not designed to be kept religiously in drawers or cupboards and only brought out on special occasions. They are to be used and re-used for daily pleasure, so that every so often you suddenly realise that you have a well-designed item in your home that makes daily living a little easier.

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