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W1_DP_other_106With so much great lighting to choose from these days, illumination for your home has become much more than just something practical. The way you place and use lighting makes as much of a statement as the rest of your décor.

The rise in popularity of the hanging pendant light over recent years makes them one of the most fashion-forward items you can have in your home right now.

Pendant lights vary in size, shape and material and you can adapt the look of each room depending on which you choose as well as how you hang them.

Making the most of Shapes

One of the biggest trends in pendant lighting is the use of sculptural form with natural materials. Wood pendants add an organic touch to your living space. Wood is timeless and complements most décor styles and colours. A beautifully designed shape or outline of your pendant can create a focal point for your interior.

Mixed materials

Think glass and metal, or wood and concrete. Mixing materials for pendant lighting is a strong trend at the moment and can make a strong or subtle statement. Glass, wood and metals go well with an industrial look while concrete can actually soften your décor. Metallics add a touch of warmth to your space.

W1_DP_other_107How to hang your pendant lights

Your pendants can either be a focal point in your room or a subtle enhancement to an existing look. They can be sophisticated, artsy, architectural or functional.

Where you use your pendants and the purpose they are to serve is also a factor in how you hang them.

When hanging pendants over a dining table you want both light and good looks. Large drum shapes makes a statement and hung in pairs or even three to five spanning the length of your table can tick all the boxes. Consider staggering the heights of your lights for more interest.

Pendants that go over your kitchen island or counter should have a good balance between light and style, being careful to neither overpower or underwhelm. One small pendant would look small and not create enough light but a straight row has a much more powerful effect. Make sure they don’t hang too low to make working at your counter difficult.

In the living room a single large pendant hanging just to the side of your couch can be quite effective, creating good ambience. This light can be hung a bit lower for a moodier look.

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