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This year make the promise to be good to yourself. Part of that promise is to get your body back to optimal health, especially after the party season that has just passed. One of the quickest ways to detox and cleanse is with herbal teas. So ditch the coffee, for now, and revive with a cleansing cup of tea.

Refresh with Mint

Not only is mint tea extremely refreshing, it also helps to soothe stomach upsets like indigestion, cramps or bloating. Both cooling and warming at the same time, this tea should be part of your daily routine, summer or winter. Mint has also been found to lower blood sugar. Have a niggling cough or cold, mint tea soothes a sore throat, thins mucous and reduced coughing.

Calm with Chamomile and Lavender

End the day with a cup of chamomile and lavender tea and get ready to enjoy a calm, restful sleep. And we all know how much better we feel when we have a good night’s rest! Make this tea part of your daily ritual, giving your spirit and your body time to relax and unwind after the daily grind. The combination of lavender and chamomile is also a natural tension tamer, perfect for relieving stress. Add lemongrass for an extra digestive aid and you have the ideal blend for an overall nighttime revitalizer.

Detox with Ginger

Spicy and soothing, ginger is considered one of the best detoxifying herbs, cleansing the body by stimulating digestion and circulation.

It contains high levels of vitamin c, magnesium and other minerals making it extremely beneficial to good health.

Revitalise with Pomegranate

Up your daily antioxidants with pomegranate and green tea. Not only does this tea help you in the fight for eternal youth but it also tastes delicious. Pomegranates are high in flavanols with protect against environmental damage to the body as well as natural ageing. These same flavanols help with treating or soothing osteoarthritis and other forms of inflammation in the body.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants to help keep the body free of diseases. It may also help lower LDL cholesterol for overall good health.

Switch to Rooibos

If you just make one change, make the switch to caffeine free. The Red Espresso range makes it easy to get your daily espresso chock full of antioxidants and refreshing rooibos goodness and no coffee slump come midday.

It’s time to choose your best tea blend and raise your teacup to everyday good health.

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