Scent is one of the most powerful evokers of memory and feeling. Finding the perfect signature scent for your home means creating  a strong sense of feeling right at home as soon as you walk through the door.

That’s why we love the fact that our @home home fragrance and bath and body ranges are also produced right here at home.

We are proud to partner with Charisma Candles who are based in Cape Town and are instrumental in the fragrance development and production of our specialised @home fragrance ranges including @home botanicals, the Exotica Range, Royal Botanicals and our beautifully produced Heart of @home products, created as a way of giving back to our communities.

All of the products are carefully hand poured and packaged using local employees, trained by Charisma, giving them the opportunity to support their families. For every woman they employ, they are helping to support about 4-5 people at that employee’s home.

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