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As we have been spending more time than ever at home, slowed down our general pace of life and are more conscious of our health and overall wellbeing, fresh, grown-at-home greens have become one of our favourite things on our menu. And growing your own herbs and salad greens at home is simple, low cost and totally worth it.

Think by season

It has been said that eating by season is the healthiest, and it is better for the planet. Nowadays we can find just about anything in the supermarket but choosing local, seasonal produce brings a deeper sense of connection to your food. Growing your own seasonal herbs can also enhance your cooking and food way beyond the flavour.

Be sure to follow seasonal guidelines for planting and you will be enjoying the best herbs at the best times.

Spring and summer herbs

Basil – wonderful in simple, light salads

Chives – great for soups, sauces, fish and salads

French Tarragon – lovely when used in fresh vinaigrettes or dressings

Mint – think refreshing mint iced tea

Coriander – seasoning for light curries

Autumn and winter herbs

Rosemary – perfect for heartier winter meats, stews and roasted veg

Parsley – great for those winter pasta dishes

Thyme –  also delicious for winter roasts and hearty dishes

Mint – full of vitamin c and iron, great for winter colds

Sage – a wonderful addition to rich pasta dishes, a winter indulgence

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