Hosting a stress-free Easter meal in style

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If it’s your turn to host a special meal for the family this Easter and just the thought of it ties your stomach into knots, it doesn’t have to. Hosting at home can be simple and fuss-free. Here are some tips that will get you ready for an Easter lunch that will leave you just as happy as your guests.

Plan menu items strategically

Avoid dishes that require long prepping times, lots of ingredients or need lots time in the oven or fridge. Try to minimize as much last minute preparation as possible by choosing a main dish that is hands-off once it’s being cooked and is easy to prepare in advance. The Breville multi-chef is the perfect tool to help you prepare for a slow roast that doesn’t need constant attention, giving you time to focus on table settings.

Check your inventory ahead of time

Make sure you have all the necessary serving dishes, wine glasses and extra plates ahead of time so that you’re not rushing around on the day. Lay everything out the morning of to make sure that everything is present and accounted for.


Sharing meals with the people you love, whether it’s just to catch up over a simple meal or a big celebration, is believed to lead to a much happier, healthier lifestyle. However, hosting meals for a big family can sometimes get expensive. Ask people to contribute to the meal by bringing desserts or side dishes. Try to delegate dishes that compliment your main meal. Make sure that you ask your guests to each contribute something different so that there are a variety of sides to choose from.

Start early

Prepare as much as you can a day or two beforehand. This includes food prep, table décor and any other cleaning and organising tasks that can be done before the day.  A platter of canapés is perfect to start off with. Bring it out to the table when guests start arriving while you finish off the rest of the cooking without worrying about guests getting hungry.

Making your table appealing can turn a simple dinner into an experience your guests will never forget. Make use of platters to bring a sense of individuality to your table, like our Prep-A-Pot platter. Lastly, remember that food is key to happiness and helps build a happier life, so invite more people around to share your meal times and the joy.

Happy hosting!

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